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The Squirrels Big Night Out
Fri 7 Oct - Sat 12 Nov
St George's Theatre

The Squirrels invite you to their Big Night Out Out! Come and join our monthly Drag Night with our wonderful hosts Miss Crystal and Ms Special K and their special guests. Throw on your disco clothes and get ready to dance and sing the...

Sat 8 Oct
St George's Theatre

In the year 2,002,018, the space craft Pioneer 10 arrives at the giant star of Aldebaran. In 1945, Tom and his brother Cor lose each other in war. Tom became part of one of humanity’s greatest successes - the space programme; whilst...

The Boatswain's Mate
Sun 9 Oct
St George's Theatre

“Fix a date for Dreamland Margate…”  Summer 1953: peace reigns in Europe, and the waters of the English Channel are troubled only by holidaymakers. Young and old alike have flocked to Margate for summer loving and...

Time And Tide
Relish Theatre
Wed 12 Oct
St George's Theatre

Batten down the hatches, a storm is coming. May runs a crumbling caff on the end of Cromer Pier. Her delivery man, Ken, is running out of customers, thanks to Costa. Nemo is desperate to tread the boards in London. His unrequited...

The Ghostbusters
Fabba Theatre Company
Thu 20 Oct - Fri 21 Oct
St George's Theatre

The Ghostbusters Fabba's new show is full of spooky and ethereal musical numbers and a script featuring  some great characters from the original Ghostbusters film... and more.

Pure Floyd
Sat 22 Oct
St George's Theatre

After two decades on the live music scene, Pure Floyd  has earned a strong reputation as one of the most  energetic, visually stunning and theatrical tributes to  the legendary Pink Floyd. The 13-piece production takes...