Environmental Policy

St George’s is a community theatre: we offer a varied programme of events and provide the people of Great Yarmouth and the surrounding area with the opportunity to engage and participate in the creative arts industry.

Like any business, our theatre has an environmental impact. We are committed to best sustainable policy and practice and to continually find creative solutions to minimise our footprint.

It is important for us to engage with our audience and share our message of positive environmental impacts to inspire change within our community. We will strive to promote energy efficiency, recycling of waste materials and the use of recycled products in the pursuit of creating an economical and environmentally friendly workplace. We will also comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and requirements.


We aim to:

  • Monitor and reduce the use of energy and water, ensuring our usage is as efficient as possible.
  • Monitor and reduce waste to landfill by repair, reuse and recycling as much as possible.
  • Create a sustainable business model that engages with the local community and visitors and gets us recognised as an environmentally friendly venue.
  • Communicate our progress and review our performance, sharing the results with our employees, volunteers and customers.

With communication and greater understanding, we aim to unite our organisation through its staff, trustees and stakeholders to maintain a commitment to our environmental procedures and to continually improve the effect we have on the environment.

In publishing this policy, we wish to ensure that St George’s theatre remains a sustainable venue for years to come. The policy is endorsed by the Theatre’s Trustees and Debbie Thompson, Theatre Director. It is supported by an Environmental Action Plan which specifies how the policy will be implemented. We recognise it represents a long-term commitment and will revise and update them both regularly.