St George’s Theatre Technical Specifications

St Georges Theatre is a professional multi-purpose venue, with a normal working seating capacity up
to 187 and a maximum capacity of 300 (by prior arrangement only as this compromises the
in-theatre Bar). The complex also consists of The Pavilion containing the public foyer, toilets, box
office and café. While Social Distancing guidelines are in place for COVID:19 seats are limited to 75

Please see plans below.
Flying facilities at St Georges are 5 electric winch lighting bars over the stage. Please note that there
is no real wing space, although the tabs can be moved around the track which runs around the edge of the
performance space and we also have some custom-made book flats which can be positioned to suit
your performance. Entrances and exits are made up the steps on stage right and stage left. There is
no entrance up stage centre but moving the tabs down stage and putting LX 5 up stage of them can
create a crossover.

Get In
Access is via the North doorway (Auditorium Left as you look at the stage) and is up 4 small steps
through standard double doors. There is parking available to unload, and two vehicles may park
along the side of the theatre with staff permission, but other vehicles will have to be moved when
complete. Our staff can direct you to parking on the day.

Dressing rooms and backstage area
Backstage space at St Georges is very limited, with only 2 designated dressing rooms.
The Get In is via the North side entrance (opposite Christchurch). Up 4 small steps and one of the
dressing rooms is located to your right. The second dressing room is on the opposite side of the
building in a similar position.
Access to the auditorium can be obtained through a fire door just outside of the dressing rooms on
either side of the building.

The standard layout for the auditorium at normal working capacity seats 187 people, including the
seating on the gallery. The seating can be rearranged into a number of different layouts such as
cabaret style and in the round (safety and fire regulations permitting). However, this incurs an extra
cost and is not recommended for one off performances.

All lighting power is 15amp, there are some floor circuits located in the dip traps stage left, and stage
right. Also, our lighting bars above the stage are also equipped with 15amp sockets to connect
lighting equipment, Other 15amp dimmer sockets are located around the auditorium. There is
13amp Tech and Audio-Visual power onstage via dip traps and also 13amp hard power located on
our lighting bars above the stage, 13amp power is also located at various points around the
auditorium. There is also a 125amp 3phase power outlet on stage left in a dip trap.

ETC Element lighting desk, with 250 channels. Operated from the control position on the Gallery.
Various lanterns:
6 x Source Four Zoom Profiles 15/30
6 x Source Four Zooms Profiles 25/50
12 x Thomas Par64s with CP62 lamps
2 x Selecon Rama 1kw Fresnels
1 x Vari-lite VL1000 Moving Lights (Includes CMY Colour Mixing and a Motorized 4 Blade Framing
shutter system)

Behringer X32 Compact digital stage box Behringer S16 stage box 16 inputs 8 outputs 2 x D&B D6
2 x D&B Q7 Speakers
2 x D&B QSUB Subwoofers
2 x Active Stage Monitors

We have an Optoma EX631 Projector which is 2500 Lumens, we have wireless HDMI which is
capable of carrying audio. We also have VGA over CAT 5.

For further details please contact Mark Benfield on or call